The idea of Union


It is my pleasure to announce that Union is set to the very first public beta test release through TestFlight. With that I want to share the idea behind Union and why I think there is a need for it.

One day I was browsing the web and reading some blogs when I came across an article/blog which had stuff that I was interested in, with various links attached to it to download the referred assets across multiple services like Dropbox, Google Drive.

“Wouldnt it be great to have all the linked assets, available to download right here, on the app, without the need to exit the app and jump across multiple services?” — this was the moment I knew I could make something like I wanted for that specific moment, uniting the post + assets all in one place – the idea was simple, yet needed!

Union wasnt made to replace any existing sharing service, but to fill an existing gap. The existing blog platforms doesnt allow in-article asset direct download, so this will be a new experience while blogging and sharing content.

Union allows you to create private groups and share your posts with them — with that any group member can later access the post and download the attached files, without the public eye.

Even though this is a young project, I see the future in it and the need for an all-in-one blog experience.

Hope you enjoy Union as much as I did making it.

You can join the Beta test through TestFlight here

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