Union – Sharing Knowledge


Union is your new blogging experience.

With all the features youre used to, what makes Union unique is the possibility to attach files directly to your posts, so they are available to anyone to view and download without the need to exit the app.

Frictionless scroll

Union presents you with a beautiful, smooth parallax effect while scrolling the articles, which gives you an unique, frictionless and pleasant experience.



Have you ever read a blog post where tons of assets where linked externally and you had to jump from one app to another? — With Union that doesnt happen!

Attach any resources you want to your post and share it with the world.



While browsing the app you can download any attachment that was added to a post — no need to go to external sites such as Dropbox or Google Drive — the assets are right there.



You can create custom groups and invite users to them.

With this you can post to that specific group which turns your post into a private session, in which only members can access without the public eye.

For example — Teachers can use this feature to create class groups, invite students into the respective group and create articles with the desired attachments to the desired groups. With this, all the content for the group members are always available , and the class assets are at a distance of a screen tap to download.


iPad all the way

Union is fully compatible with yout iPad running iOS 11+.
The experience while creating posts on your iPad is more rich with the iPad gestures such as Drag and Drop.

iPad drag and drop

Test it

Union is available to beta test through TestFlight which you can join here

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