Union as a blog client?

Union has suffered some changes through it’s development, as every app does!

The most recent changes were the possibility to use Union as a Medium and Tumblr clients — let me explain.

As I have mentioned before, Union was though initially to be a new kind of blogging; all the existing possibilities with the possibility to attach files directly to your posts — you create a post and instead of linking stuff to be downloaded from Dropbox or Google Drive, you could upload those assets directly to the article and make it available worldwide to be downloaded without the need of any hosting service, unless the file size was large.

That was implemented (it’s being tested right now), and another idea came through my mind to add into the app:

“It would be great to publish to Union , Medium and Tumblr, all at once, without the need to replicate the blog post itself and share it with a single submission.”

I have researched the APIs from those webservices and have implemented them into the app.

Right now you can create a normal blog post, with full Markdown support, attach files (on Union) and post it to those 3 platforms with a single click (read screen tap).

Unfortunatelly, this isn’t a full featured client for those services , and it doesn’t intend to be so, because some features aren’t available through the client API, and some others would have to require to change slightly the purpose of the app itself.

Your locally cached (library) images added into the post will not be able to send to Medium because in order to receive (on their side) you cached images, we (the developers) need an extra permission to do so. I have requested that permission 2 times and still didn’t get a response… it’s been a month now 😩

On Tumblr things are a bit different. Since you can post to Tumblr texts, images, gifs, videos and so on separately, I have only included the regular blog-text feature into Union. If I had to support only image upload to Tumblr that would change the whole idea of blog-text on Union.

Both those services though allow you to add images with the normal Markdown style ( ! [image name] (image url) -> without spaces), and with that you can create a normal post, as you were in the official client.

Enjoy it

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